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Dr. Joe-Joe, anti-racism educator, smiling by bookshelf.

Anti-racism and

Inclusive Excellence


There are a plethora of resources available that provide research, guidance, advocacy, and community for those seeking to contribute to ending racism and other forms of oppression. This is not a comprehensive list. My intent is to provide links to resources that may help you take the next step toward finding your own unique anti-racist voice, beginning with the resources that we provide directly.

NAL Speakers company graphic, connecting inspirational speakers.

NAL Speakers provides speakers on topics related to anti-racism and inclusive excellence, including Dr. McManus. Nicole Anderson Legacy Speakers (NAL Speakers) is a Black woman-owned speakers bureau that provides access to a diverse cadre of thought leaders on a wide range of critical topics.


NCORE image, promoting dialogue on race and ethnicity.

National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE) is the leading conference on issues of race and ethnicity for college and university educators and students. While the conference is sector specific, this gives educators the opportunity to dig deeper into how they can disrupt and dismantle systemic racism within higher education, and how to advance inclusive excellence in all aspects of higher education – from policy to curriculum and pedagogy, student affairs to community engagement.

Image representing The White Privilege Conference, addressing inequality.

The White Privilege Conference, WPC is the premier conference on racism and white privilege, and is open to everyone. It is unique in that it is not aligned with any particular sector or profession, bringing together community leaders, activists, educators, and individuals from every sector. It also includes a parallel student conference, which merges with WPC on the final day. This provides a rich environment where participants are challenged, encouraged, supported, and pushed toward action beyond the conference.  

Facing Race conference image, advancing racial justice dialogue.

The Facing Race Conference is a national conference which is open to all. The conference focuses on racial justice in policy, institutions, and culture. The conference brings major speakers and actively promotes learning, sharing resources, building relationships, and collaboration on action beyond the conference.


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