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Dr JoeJoe Author
Consultant and Advisor to Leaders

Consultant and

Advisor to Leaders

Dr. Joe-Joe is both an advisor and coach, helping you make the strategic decisions to improve the efficacy of your diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, offices, and leadership.

If you’re searching for resources that will improve your personal approach to antiracism or help train your organization’s leaders to be more effective in their DEI work, Dr. McManus can help you meet your goals. He has worked with teams and leaders in corporate settings, academic institutions, P-12 school districts, and grassroots organizations. If your goal is to restructure your organization around principles of inclusive excellence, Dr. McManus can coach your team through the process.

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We all make mistakes. Own them, make amends, and most importantly, put what you learned to work. If you choose to stop, you are canceling yourself.


Select Consultancies:

   Allegheny College

  Boston College

  Boston Public Schools

  The Tucker Foundation at Dartmouth College

  Johnson & Johnson (through Amistad Associates)

  LaGuardia Community College

  Purdue University, College of Veterinary Medicine

  Rockland Community College

   San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency 

   St. Petersburg College

   SUNY Brockport

   Wheelock College

Advising Leaders

Dr. McManus works with a diverse team of dynamic and experienced colleagues. Their work focuses on anti-racism and inclusive excellence advising and leadership development. 

Each engagement is unique to the client/organization, but always includes advising organizational and diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders. 


Examples of focal points for engagements include, but are not limited to:

  Leadership and Professional Development

   Guidance on Strategic Planning 

  Building Offices of Inclusive Excellence

  Policy, Practice, and Organizational Culture

   Organizational Change 

  Real-time Crisis Management


Serious about advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Boston College emblem, esteemed higher education institution.
Boston Public Schools logo, prioritizing children's education.
Johnson & Johnson logo, global healthcare leader.
LaGuardia Community College logo, inclusive education provider.
Purdue University logo, innovative research institution.
Rockland Community College logo, fostering diverse learning.
Wheelock College emblem, advocate for educational equity.
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